Away from your computer, but still needing river levels, catches and rod availability? FishPal's App will help you out.

What does it do?

Shows the following information for salmon rivers/areas on the FishPal system:

  • Catches - This week
  • Catches - Last Week
  • Catches - All beats so far
  • River levels
  • Rods available - this week
  • Rods available - next week
  • Rods available - week after
  • Tackle Shops
  • Where to Stay
  • All pages are updated hourly

    What does it look like?

    Test it in your computer's web browser:

    Preview App

    What platforms will it run on?

    The app is designed to run on all mobile phones that have a relatively modern web browser and a current internet connection (either via wifi or a cellular connection).

    How do I install the app?

    This is a Web App, so do NOT go to the relevant appstore, as you will not find it there! To install it, use your mobile phone's web browser to go to

    For iPhones and iPads, click the share button at the bottom (square box with upright arrow). In the panel that then appears, slide along the bottom row of 'Adds' until you find 'Add to Home Screen'. Click this and you will get a chance to accept or amend the name (if you want to). Then click 'add'. Thats it! The FishPal icon will now appear on your home screen along with your other apps

    The process for Android and other mobile operating systems is similar